Knowing there was so much more we could do for the community as a whole, recognizing that we all have similar missions and visions for the future of the community, and acknowledging that we are much stronger together, the initiative knew there was much more to do!  Some organizations and groups within the community that were supporters have moved on to become Participants in the Initiative, and agree to attend, host and communicate with the one another in order to strengthen the community as a whole.

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Want to become a Participant on behalf of your group or organization?  Send us an email -

Who are the Participants in the Community not competition Initiative? 

​West Central Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc

Florida Pagan Gathering/TEG

Orlando Pagan Collective

Community of Many/TAG

Community of Consciousness

​Feedback from the community is of utmost importance to the Community not competition Initiative.  Each of the organizations and groups involved are here because of and at the service of the members of the community.   Therefore listening to the community is a key element to the success of the Initiative.

Participants are group leaders or organizers who commit to holding open discussion panels for feedback from the community.  

  • Panel Discussions may be set up by any organization or group leader/representative appointed and approved to act on behalf of that organization or group that has been added to the Participants of the Community not competition Initiative are determined as approved by West Central Florida Pagan Alliance.
  • Approved representatives of groups, organizations or businesses must agree to all terms and conditions of the Initiative.
  • Participants understand the importance of confidentiality and privacy of all persons in attendance of all events and will ensure their personal information is never shared without permission
  • Panels are only made up of approved Participants in the Community not competition Initiative.  
  • Full Panel Discussion details must be submitted to West Central Florida Pagan Alliance including date, time, and location
  • All Participants in the Initiative will  help to share the event and make efforts to attend when they can
  • All members of the community and all group/organizations must be permitted to attend
    • ​No group, member, organization or business shall be excluded from attendance unless all members of the Initiative have determined that attendance is detrimental to the health, safety or well-being of those in attendance.
    • In these extreme instances, proof must be submitted to West Central Florida Pagan Alliance and each Participating Group shall have their say on the individual's attendance.  Should there be a legal issue which disqualifies the person from attendance, then that legal order shall supercede any input from Participating group reprsentatives.
  • There must be no charge for admission to the Panel Discussion
    • ​If being held at a festival which charges admission, it must be clearly stated that festival admission is required. 
    • Must point out that future panels are also available outside of the festival and provide a link to the schedule
    • ​Description must state Community not Competition Initiative Open Discussion Panel
    • Link must be provided that states for more information about the Community not competition Initiative, visit
  • At no point shall any group, individual, idea, concern, or suggestion be ridiculed, or insulted. All communications are relevant and to be treated equally.
  • No Group, Organization, Event, or Business shall be spoken about in a negative manner of any kind
  • All Participating group leaders/representatives shall ensure compliance to all of the requirements on behavior and shall work together at all times to the best of their ability.
  • Within 72 hours of the event, Participating host shall provide a list of organizations, business, and groups that were represented, an estimation of headcount in attendance from the community (excluding panel leadership), and a description of various concerns, ideas, suggestions, etc that were discussed/brought up to West Central Florida Pagan Alliance via the contact form submission.
    • Participating host should also include short paragraph or two about the success and productivity of the event.  Photos are also welcome to be used in the updates on 
    • Updated list of concerns, suggestions, ideas, and status of the discussion panel will be listed on website along with any other information provided by host Participant.​
    • Participants understand that the Community not competition Initiative is a registered program under West Central Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc's non-profit mission and a measurable program under it's 501c3 performance.
    • Participants may not create any merchandise utilizing the Community not competition Initiative, it's likeness, logo or any misleading depiction thereof.
      • ​All merchandise must be obtained through West Central Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc.
      • Merchandise may be purchased at a discount and resold at the same rate sold to the public by West Central Florida Pagan Alliance.

West Central Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc reserves all rights associated with the Community not competition Initiative Program.